Ingrid Jensen, Diary 2011/12, 2012, monoprints in a book,
Courtesy of AM Bruno, London.
Mongezi Ncaphayi, Untitled, etching,
Courtesy of Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg.
Geoff Litherland, The Lines We Walked When We Walked Once Together, 2013, laser engraving on oil and gesso, 500 x 500 mm.,
Courtesy of BEARSPACE, London.
Sir Peter Blake, Homage to Rauschenburg IV, 2011,
silkscreen, 650 x 500 mm.,
Courtesy of CCA Galleries, London.
Katie Davies and Peter Walters, Vela, 2011,
laser sintered 3D print, 220 x 190 x 280 mm.,
Courtesy of CFPR Editions, Bristol.
Ultra Violet, Self Portrait, 2011,
acrylic frame cast from an original Baroque frame, 635 x 635 mm.,
Courtesy of The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London.
William Kentridge, Universal Archive- (Ref 59), 2012, linocut printed on non-archival pages from Shorter Oxford English Dictionary,
Courtesy of David Krut Projects, Johannesburg, Cape Town & New York.
Ciara Phillips, A Lot of Things Put Together (Sophie), 2013,
screenprint with monotype, 1140 x 840 mm.,
Courtesy of Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee.
Jacky Tsai, Vermilion Garden, 2013, 6 colour screenprint, 940 x 950 mm.,
Courtesy of Eyestorm, London.
Hiroshi Tanabe, Rebecca Olsson's Cyber-Surf Couture, 2000,
special print on silver paper, 310 x 200 mm.,
Courtesy of Fashion Illustration Gallery, London.
Nicola Green, Circle of Hands I, 2012, silkscreen, 350 x 330 mm.,
Courtesy of Flowers Gallery, London.
Emily Allchurch, Tokyo Story 8: Temple (after Hiroshige), 2010,
lambda print mounted onto aluminium, 850 x 600 mm.,
Courtesy of GBS Fine Art, Somerset.
Guy Allott, Robot VII, 2013,
woodcut print on paper in wooden frame, 450 x 300 mm.,
Courtesy of Grey Area Multiples, Paris.
Willie Cole, Complementary Soles Yellow/Orange, 2012,
screenprint, 635 x 476 mm.,
Courtesy of Highpoint Editions, Minneapolis.
Harland Miller, Love, A Decisive Blow Against If, 2012,
16"colour screenprint, 950 x 750 mm.,
Courtesy of Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh.
Alex Massouras, Augustus woke to find the world, 2013,
etching, 250 x 300 mm.,
Courtesy of Julian Page Fine Art, London.
BORF, Rothko’s Modern Life, 2012,
giclée print with silkscreen gloss, 1000 x 800 mm.,
Courtesy of The Outsiders, London.
Tarlan Rafiee, Spring is in my Heart,
digital print, 594 x 420 mm.,
Courtesy of londonprintstudio, London.
Anselm Reyle, UNTITLED 2008, 2012,
digital printed silk drape, 1100 x 1100 mm.,
Courtesy of LRRH_, Cologne.
Valerie Jolly, Crushed Can, 2008,
tissue paper, water, pva, 130 x 90 x 90 mm., (boxed)
Courtesy of LUBOMIROV-EASTON, London.
Jesus Rafael Soto, Madrid B the Madrid series, 1990,
silkscreen, 1000 x 1400 mm.,
Courtesy of Maddox Arts, London.
Marc Quinn, Eye of History Etching, 2013,
etching, 905cm x 895 mm.,
Courtesy of Marc Quinn, London.
Laure Prouvost, Ideally This Would Make You Forget,
lithograph front whisky label
Courtesy of McLean's Artist Malts, London.
Karen Ay, Terra Infirma, 2012, blown glass, wood, world atlas, 180 x 260 x 130 mm., Courtesy of The Multiple Store, London.
Nicholas Muellner, The Nautiloid Heart, 2013,
giclée print, 843 x 604 mm.,
Courtesy of noshowspace, London.
Alfonso Albacete, Chronos (Series), 2013, aquatint and screenprint, 300 x 300 mm., Courtesy of OGAMIPRESS, Madrid.
Magne F, Helter Skelter, 2013,
woodcut print, 1400 x 1000 mm.,
Courtesy of Paul Stolper Gallery, London.
Bob and Roberta Smith, Sing, 2013,
lithograph, 710 x 500 mm.,
Courtesy of Paupers Press, London.
Bronwen Sleigh, Los Angeles 2019, 2012, hand-coloured etching, 360 x 360 mm., Courtesy of Printroom, London.
Susan Derges, Alder Brook 2, 2012,
digital c type print, 1219 x 700 mm.,
Courtesy of Purdy Hicks, London.
Tom Hammick, Path, 2012,
reduction woodcut, 1830 x 1170 mm.,
Courtesy of Rabley Contemporary, Marlborough.
Leah Gordon, Juge (The Judge), 1995, pigment print, 1000 x 1000 mm., Courtesy of Riflemaker, London.
Kreh Mellick, Beastie, 2013,
2 color, hand-drawn lithograph, 250 x 200 mm.,
Courtesy of Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, New York.
Glen Baldridge, Harbinger, 2013,
24 block, 18 colour, woodcut with laser engraving, 597mm. x 559 mm.,
Courtesy of Forth Estate, Flying Horse Editions, New York.
Gerald Laing, Kate Moss, 2007,
screenprint in colours, 986 x 655 mm.,
Courtesy of Sims Reed Gallery, London.
Lewis Betts, Natural Cross, 2012,
relief ink on cotton cloth (monotype), 2050 x 1100 mm.,
Courtesy of Slate Projects, London.
Ged Quinn, I like America and America likes me, 2007, polymer photogravure, 700 x 650 mm., Courtesy of Spike Print Studio, Bristol.
Stephen Chambers, Fantasma 1, 2013,
chine-collé, aquatint and gold lift, 420 x 520 mm.,
Courtesy of Stamperia d'Arte Berardinelli, Verona.
Ronnie Tallon, Square 5, 2013, intaglio, 385 x 385 mm., Courtesy of Stoney Road Press, Dublin.
Richard Parry, One Hundred Billion Dollars,
Courtesy of The New Dome, London.
Rachel Goodyear, Skipping Rope, 2006, archival pigment ink, 250 x 250 mm., Courtesy of Vital Arts, London.
Gert and Uwe Tobias, Untitled, 2013,
hand coloured stone lithograph, 381 x 291 mm.,
Courtesy of Whitechapel Gallery, London.